Top Picks For Enjoying A Nice Meal In East Lansing MI

How many restaurants have you been to in East Lansing? There are some great picks, and I’m about to take you by some of them. Bell’s Greek Pizza is located at 1135 East Grand River Avenue, and it’s going to be the first restaurant. Just wait until you find out what all is on this list of the best places to eat in East Lansing MI.

Bell’s Greek Pizza is first up as mentioned, and you can imagine that you’re going to find some delicious pizza pies there. You can also find some homemade baklava there. I bet that clues you in on the fact that you can order up a delicious Greek pizza. In fact, what about a Greek salad? This restaurant is said to be a classic in East Lansing.

Korea House Restaurant is located at 978 Trowbridge Road, and it features all kinds of great dishes on its menu. Order up Neobiani, Bulgogi, spicy chicken and much more. Do you like Korean cuisine? Perhaps you’ve never tried it before, and you would like to give it a shot. It’s time to check out one of the popular restaurants in East Lansing that serves up Korean food.

Maru Sushi & Grill is also a great choice, and you will find it at 1500 West Lake Lansing Road. The dining establishment features a nice atmosphere, and you can order up some great grilled food there. Plus items like miso soup and of course sushi are on the menu. The place has a bar, too, so there seems to be a little something for everyone.

Noodles & Company is a great spot to stop in for a bite to eat, too. The location for this restaurant is 205 East Grand River Avenue, and you will find a rather diverse menu there according to past patrons. Enjoy quite the tasty meal at Noodles & Company, and people have great things to say about the mac n cheese of all things. I thought that was rather interesting because you expect to hear more about the Asian dishes at a place known for noodles.

These four restaurants in East Lansing are some of the best. Plan to stop by one of them if you have the chance. Maybe you will even get to try out more than one. As you make your way around East Lansing MI, think about what sounds good to eat for your next meal.